7 Simple Ways to Naturally Reduce Pain in labour.

        And Avoid Unnecessary Interventions.

                                      All recommendations are for normal labours.

There are many things you can innocently do that will increases pain or slows labour down. Which can ultimately increase your likelihood for needing interventions, such as pain medication, or drugs to get your labour going. And all of these things can lead to further interventions like vacuum extraction, forceps, or C-sections.

 Doing certain things will help you reduce labour pain and  avoid unnecessary interventions, while other things can cause you complications, so here is my list of things to do and things not to do:


                              Do This Not That

# 1 Do This                                       Not That

There is no reason not to eat and drink in labor. If you are eating and drinking then you won't need an IV. Labor is work, calories are needed for your body to work effectively, and so you have the energy you need to give birth. If you are well hydrated it will decrease pain in labour.

Starving yourself and becoming dehydrated during labor can lead to complications. IVs keep you from moving freely during labor and movement facilitates faster and easier births. The use of IVs can cause other complications such as fluid overload and hyperglycemia for both mother and baby.

#2 Do This                                       Not That

Use water and other natural comfort measures to reduce pain.

The tub or shower can provide a great deal of comfort during labor. Immersion in a tub can relieve pressure on mom's back and allow for relaxation. The shower stream can be directed on to moms back to provide comfort during back labor.

Epidurals can cause a whole list of  complications for mom and baby, as well as can make it more difficult during  the pushing stage. Epidurals increase your risk of  needing forceps, vacuum and c-session to deliver your baby.

#3 Do This                                         Not That

Find different positions that work

for You.

Using gravity can make your contractions more effective, Changing labor Positions is one of the most important things you can do to decrease pain, and help the baby get in a good position and speed labor up.


Do not lay in bed on your back during  labor, It can increase pain, slow labor. And can cause fetal distress.

#4 Do This                                         Not That

Plan to have continuous support. When a women in labor feels loved and supported her body releases a hormone called endorphins. These hormones help labor progress and decrease pain.

If she is feeling lonely or scared then adrenaline is released, which slows labor and increases pain.

#5 Do This                                     Not That

Remember to do your rhythmic breathing during contractions.

·      Breathing techniques will help you stay calm and focused

·      Distracts you from pain or negative thinking 

·      Getting enough oxygen to the uterus helps decrease pain 


When you are in fear and fighting against labor in will increase your pain and can slow labor. And increase the likelihood of needing pain medication to cope.

#6 Do This                                  Not That

Education about labor and delivery is one of the most important things you can do.

A good natural childbirth course will help you work through fears, and practice relaxation and learn coping methods, to reduce pain.

 Peacefulbirth.ca offers complete online natural childbirth classes.

Don’t just show up at the hospital and hope for the best.

Know what your choices are, and make a plan for the kind of birth you want. Even if everything doesn’t go as you planned, you will know that you were able to make decisions in labor that you feel good about.

#7 Do This                                 Not That

Have your baby monitored intermittently. So you can still move around, get in the shower or tub to decrease pain.

Being able to move around decreases pain and helps the baby get in a good position.

 Avoid continuous Electronic Fetal Monitoring for normal labor.

This can seem harmless enough , but  it can start you on the “cascade of interventions.”

Meaning one intervention leads to another. The restricted movement associated with EFM can cause increased pain and labor to slow down. 


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Hello Mothers and Mothers to be,

I’m Elizabeth MacKay RM,MH,CHt 

 I am a retired midwife and natural birthing instructor. I have spent years putting this online prenatal course together, for women like yourself, who are interested in natural childbirth. You will go into labour as fully prepared as possible, knowing that you have done all you can to have an enjoyable birthing process and ensure the safety of your newborn child.

Whether you are planning a hospital birth or a home birth the goal is that you and your baby will have a positive birth experience.

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I found that all of the breathing and relaxation techniques were really helpful during labour, especially when things started to get more intense.

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Because it was my first child, I wanted to be really well prepared for labour. The most valuable thing for me, about taking Elizabeth’s classes was that it removed ALL the fears that I had about childbirth. I was able to easily remain “calm and focused” throughout my labour. Rebecca Bone


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I'll never forget you - you brought my beautiful daughter in to this world, It was a very peaceful delivery (though at the hospital and induced) but my daughter is like a little buddha. she is so sensitive, compassionate, with empathy. I like to think your contribution to the start of her life made some impact on her approach to the world. Thank you.

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I really enjoyed your online course. The partners guide is very eye opening.

It definitely has given me the information I needed to confidently support my wife in labour.



Thank you so much for this wonderful course.  I just delivered my baby a few days ago and had an excellent labour.  I went from 18+ hours for my first baby to only 3 hours this time around.  I found the information very helpful!









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