Here is why we decided to offer you these formulas. We are sure that breastfeeding is the best. We do not want to argue. This is the rule.
But if you decide to feed your baby with formula, please feed your baby with the best ones. We are mothers and we know that every mother wants to give the baby the best she can. Before starting this, we did a huge research regarding US formulas and were very disappointed. You can find a lot of info in Internet which states that US formula companies put a lot of sugar in formulas and they never tell you which type of sugar it is. We think because they put very cheap one.
In addition, The US doesn’t have very strict standards when it comes to organic or usual baby formula. Ingredients that really shouldn’t be in baby formula appear all the time in many brands in US.
So after this we decided to find another formula which contained a reasonable amount of lactose: the same type of sugar you can find in breast milk. And we found this just in European formulas. And if you ask mothers who give these European formulas to their babies, most of these women will tell you that babies love them so much :)  Finally, even with the shipping cost you will pay much less for the formulas from Europe. We try to sell it to you as cheap as we can because we want you to give to your baby the best.

These products are all highly recommended by moms. 

                       Please email us if you want to recommend a baby product,

                                       that you would like to see listed here. 

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June 11 2015


Matraea Classic Home Birth Kit

Any family planning a home birth knows that there are a few essential yet hard to find items they will need for the big event. Often this means searching for and sourcing from different stores and assembling a kit on your own.

Now, the midwives behind the British Columbia-based Matraea line of products for mothers and babies have a ready made Home Birth Kit available that can be shipped to your door.


The Classic Home Birth Kit has everything a midwife will need when she arrives at your home. In the box you will find:


24 Underpads

1 box of organic maxi pads

2 mesh underwear

1 mattress cover

12 gauze squares

1 peri-bottle

4 straws

1 large plastic bag

2 garbage bags

1 recycling bag


What I love about this product is that Matraea has created a neat and tidy box full of everything your midwife needs. It is easy to order, ships to your door and is beautifully packaged. It is one less thing (actually, quite a few less things) for you to worry about as you're nearing your due date.


Also available from Matraea is the Happy Mama Home Birth Kit which contains all the essentials from the Classic Kit plus some well-appointed extras like Matraea Massage Oil, Matraea Labour Spritzer, Matraea lip Balm, Homeopathic Arnica, Witch Hazel and even an organic cotton Baby Hat plus a few more items. What I really love about this kit is that it also contains Ibuprofen which means that some or all of the cost of your Home Birth Kit could be covered by your insurance. It would absolutely be worth asking your insurance provider about. To see the Kits for yourself visit the Matraea online store and dont forget to check out all the other beautiful products they make.


Hello Mothers and Mothers to be,

I’m Elizabeth MacKay RM,MH,CHt 

 I am a retired midwife and natural birthing instructor. I have spent years putting this online prenatal course together, for women like yourself, who are interested in natural childbirth. You will go into labour as fully prepared as possible, knowing that you have done all you can to have an enjoyable birthing process and ensure the safety of your newborn child.

Whether you are planning a hospital birth or a home birth the goal is that you and your baby will have a positive birth experience.

What our happy customers are saying about us!

prenatal classes









I found that all of the breathing and relaxation techniques were really helpful during labour, especially when things started to get more intense.

Thank you so much, Naomi Beck


prenatal classes









Because it was my first child, I wanted to be really well prepared for labour. The most valuable thing for me, about taking Elizabeth’s classes was that it removed ALL the fears that I had about childbirth. I was able to easily remain “calm and focused” throughout my labour. Rebecca Bone


birth partners









Thank you, Elizabeth for everything.

I would have been so scared if it wasn't for all the information and help you gave me.

Love from Baby Amber

and Jenny Melsness

labor coach








Working with Elizabeth was a pleasure. Not only was she very pleasant to work with and extremely professional, Elizabeth has a strong command of her subject matter and makes learning enjoyable and effortless. Her video series has been well researched and delivered. I highly recommend her services, you will not be disappointed.

Ralph Perez PhD


I'll never forget you - you brought my beautiful daughter in to this world, It was a very peaceful delivery (though at the hospital and induced) but my daughter is like a little buddha. she is so sensitive, compassionate, with empathy. I like to think your contribution to the start of her life made some impact on her approach to the world. Thank you.

Elizabeth Becker

natural birth tips









I really enjoyed your online course. The partners guide is very eye opening.

It definitely has given me the information I needed to confidently support my wife in labour.

Hardy Hornburg


Thank you so much for this wonderful course.  I just delivered my baby a few days ago and had an excellent labour.  I went from 18+ hours for my first baby to only 3 hours this time around.  I found the information very helpful!









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