Natural Birth plans

Birth plans for natural childbirth

A birthplan is a tool to help you explore different issues surrounding labour, birth and the postpartum period. Birthplans can help you formulate ideas on what you would like or not like to happen. You may find it very helpful to work on your birth plan with your partner, so they can be part of the decision making process and be able to assist you in implementing your plan.

Working through it will help you become very clear about each part of the birth process, and what is most important to you and baby.

—This is not to be taken lightly, or rushed.


Get it signed by your Dr or Midwife

Keep it simple

Write it in a way that is not telling the hospital staff what to do.


When making decisions…

  1. Explore your options, do research, take a natural childbirth course, like the Peaceful Birth Complete Online Natural Childbirth Course
  2. Examine your feelings on the issues
  3. Ask yourself questions: What are you passionate about? What is most important to you? What is your personal situation?
  4. Consider if you have any health issues
  5. Discuss issues with your Midwife or Doctor


Things to consider putting in your birthplan

•Choice of birth place

•Clothing during labour (own or hospital gown)

•Activity during labour (walk, ball, shower, etc.)

•Eating and drinking in labour

•Will you allow medical students during labour

•Pain medication

•Use of water

•Use of heat

•Visualization/ focal point

•Breathing exercises

•Massage (light stroking, back, foot, counter pressure, etc.).

•Relaxation techniques

•Positions you’d like to use



Set the mood

Although this doesn’t need to be part of your official birthplan, you might want to consider what your optimal birthing environment is, especially since this has a huge effect on your ability to relax. Consider the following:

•Phone to be turned off

•Dim lights

•Peace and quiet





•Positions during the second stage of labour

•Natural or managed 3rd stage of labour

•Would you rather have an Episiotomy or tears, but hopefully neither

•Perineal support

•Hot compresses


Step 5

For your baby

Immediate contact after birth

—Delayed Cutting of the baby’s cord after birth

—Baby’s first breastfeed

—Vitamin K

—Hepatitis B Immunization

—Rooming in with mother during the postpartum stay

—Newborn Screening Test

—Only Breastfeeding

—Allow me time to bond with my baby. 

—Do not wash the baby; he/she is already clean. 

—When we are ready, weigh and measure the baby.

—Dress baby

—Preferences if baby has complications 


If you have a friend or family member coming to support you at the birth make sure they agree with your plan, or you may have to rethink whether you want them there or not.

Every person present during labour effects the labour, one way or another. Birth is not a spectator sport, so make sure everyone there will support you.


This list is by no means exhaustive. There are many other issues that can be considered. Use this list just as a guide. The complete course available on this site will help you explore all of these points in much more detail. This course will provide you with much more than a simple birth plan worksheet.

It will take you through all your choices and options by asking you questions and offering exercises. The course will also inform you about what happens during labour, so you can support your body’s labour, rather than stall it. Most of this involves learning relaxations skills and letting go of fear. You will learn how-to let go of your fears so you can have the birth you want. 


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Hello Mothers and Mothers to be,

I’m Elizabeth MacKay RM,MH,CHt 

 I am a retired midwife and natural birthing instructor. I have spent years putting this online prenatal course together, for women like yourself, who are interested in natural childbirth. You will go into labour as fully prepared as possible, knowing that you have done all you can to have an enjoyable birthing process and ensure the safety of your newborn child.

Whether you are planning a hospital birth or a home birth the goal is that you and your baby will have a positive birth experience.

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I really enjoyed your online course. The partners guide is very eye opening.

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